KONAN SEKKEI offers manufacturing companies many kinds of service, from design to production, and contributes to customers "craftsmanship" and increases productivity with constant innovation and accumulated application of reliable techniques over a long time.

Mission Statement means

Mission Statement means a clear definition of the reasons of existence of Konan Sekkei.

It is a statement of our ultimate goal and also determines our customer base, sets a level of expectations, and specifies the style of our services.

Moreover, it can be the standard for the evaluation of our behavior and ability to achieve our customer's expectation. It should be the primary thing that we shall realize as the starting point of all of our activities.

KS (Konan Sekkei) is a company that is managed based on the broader vision to grow engineers who strive to master the cutting edge technology and skills. KS hopes our staff members to be self-reliant and highly qualified, as well as rich in humanity.

In order to hand down the special expertise of each employee to the future, the expertise is blended to build a future that benefits the company and each employee. We use this blend of skills in new business opportunities and to further develop the skills of each employee to improve the entire level of technique of KS.

A relationship based on trust and mutual respect will lead to a result that exceeds customer's expectations and the customers will realize the "value" of KS. Our success and prosperity comes as we assist our customers in achieving their success and prosperity.

We are proud to be part of KS and enthusiastically strive to meet goals and pursue excellence.

Others can make up for what you are lacking, and you can make up for what others are lacking. Always try to understand each other and complete our projects.
Cooperation eases communication, develops human nature, and improves employee relations. We never hesitate to cooperate and ask for cooperation.

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