Nov. 1961 Tamashima Office established.
Jan. 1964 Kurashiki office established.
Sep. Incorporated (limited company).
Dec. 1965 Kawatetsu Sekkei established.
Took charge of steel manufacturing design in Kawasaki Steel, Mizushima Works.
Apr. 1966 Commenced positive photograph and printing service.
Jul. 1970 Incorporated (joint-stock company).
May. 1971 Head office was founded at Echo, Tsurajima-cho, Kurashiki.
Apr. 1985 Introduced CAD.
Oct. Head office was moved to Urata, Fukuda-cho, Kurashiki Commenced manual production service.
Jan. 1989 Founded product planning division and design division.
Jun. Commenced planning & manufacturing of printing and labels.
Jan. 1992 Commenced designing & manufacturing of prototypes.
Sep. 1994 Digitalized manufacturing work of block copies and illustrations.
Apr. 1999 Commenced CG presentation service.
Jan. 2000 Commenced web site creating service.
Aug. Head Office was moved to the current location (Tsubue, Kurashiki)
V.C division was founded at Urata, Fukuda-cho, Kurashiki.
Dec. Experiment & development building was founded.
Apr. 2003 Kawatetsu Sekkei Office was renamed to Mizushima Design Office.
May. 2006 Mizushima Design Office was renewed.
Jan. A delivery center was established in the old Head Office.
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