Products and customers connected by visual communication. We are clearly a "design" company. But "styling" may better explain our attitude on designing. Briefly, we not only design and manufacture hardware such as industrial machines and electrical appliances, we also offer design services in various software fields including creating of printed materials and web sites.

Our main design services are introduced in the outline of our company. To be more details, they are; designing of equipment and devices used for steel making including thin and thick metals and surface treatment for steel manufacturing company, designing and manufacturing of industrial machines, labor-saving machines and manufacturing lines, development, designing and trial of medical machines including machines for rehabilitation, development and designing of components for TV and VCR, and designing and manufacturing of electric machines (controlled by sequencer), and designing and manufacturing of trial components.

These tasks require the drawing of plans. We use computers to visualize these designs in 3D form, although the base of such drawings is the trigonometric method. This is because such computer technique helps to show the real image and performance of products to customers directly and attractively, even to the non-specialists.

These techniques also allow more efficient running of simulations and trials and more effective presentation of the results to customers. With visual communication, we are planning to create a new type of business environment.

As sees by the saturation of computers and DVDs, this is the era of world-wide visual communication.

We have started several new services to meet the recent needs of the era of visual communication:

  • Industrial design and planning
  • Planning, designing, and printing of manuals, brochures, and labels
  • 3-D illustration and view simulation
  • Web site creation

We offer total support at every step in the process, making it possible for manufacturers to build a seamless business structure from design to publicity. Therefore, it is necessary to reinforce the sales and design divisions as soon as possible in order to develop new type of customers regardless of their field of expertise. To be honest, we were not much interested in developing new customers in the past, and we paid most of our attention to keep up with the needs of current customers through our sales activities.

In the design division, we currently require employee who combine the right mix of new technological skills to help us improve our digital contents, technical illustration, and graphic design. We are interested in prospective employees who have a wide range of knowledge and skills and creative, artistic, and sensitive imagination.

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